1.Process flow chart
Materials checked and accepted – preprocessing (stems removed) – washing –precalibration - IQF - calibration - packing - metal detected - cold store and transport.
2.Processing technics and operating regulation
2.1.Materials checked and accepted(CCP1)
2.1.1 Materials requested: fresh, firm, full ripe no white or yellow part, no overripe, no damage, no rotten, no disease, no insect.
2.1.2 Materials must be no contamination, no pesticide residues. Microorganism must accord with the importing countries stipulations.
2.1.3 During the materials package, transporting, store there’s no contamination, no damaged, no rotten. The approved materials must be processed promptly.
2.1.4 The materials loading and unloading must be carefully. Wild operation is prohibited.
2.2. Preprocessing
2.2.1 The approved materials are to be stems removed by workers with special stainless steel knife.
2.2.2 Stems must be got rid of cleanly and no any other damage on the surface.
Washing them in clean axenic water four times on pipelining to assure the strawberries are without hairs, sand and any other foreign substance. In the last washing water there’s 50ppm chlorine used.
2.4. Precalibration
Select out the products with mis-shape, unripe , overripe, damaged ones, stems not clean ones etc.
2.5 IQF
2.5.1 The IQF machine is operated by the full-time person. It is checked and maintained termly and settle the engine problem in time to assure the production proceeding smoothly.
2.5.2. The products temperature after IQF must be below minus 18 DC.
2.6. Calibration on size
2.6.1 The products after IQF must be calibrated again before packing in last package and shipping to end user.
2.6.2 The positive size must be calibrated according to the clients’ request.
2.6.3 All broken, damaged, oversize/undersize, unripe, mis-shape fruits must be sorted out and record.

2.7. Packing
Pack the goods according to the client’s request seriously and record.
2.8.Metal detected(CCP3)
2.8.1 All goods must be detected by the metal detector. Once find problems settle them promptly.
2.8.2 The metal detector is tested every half an hour by the detected object to assure the detector’s sensitive running.
2.9 Storage and transporting
The products after packed must be cleanly stored and transported at or under temperature of minus 18 degrees centigrade.